Winter Weather in Portland – A Good Time for Janitorial Cleaning!

Snow covering a table and chairs outdoors in Portland, OregonRecently we wrote about how bad weather can be rough on the office. The timing was perfect, because Portland, Oregon was just hit with several inches of snow, with more likely to come over the next few days.

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Why Nasty Weather Can be Bad for Offices

Bad weather hitting an officeIn times of poor weather, doesn’t it seem that maintaining the cleanliness of a building is so much more challenging than in fair weather? Building maintenance would be easy if it was sunny every day, but the reality is that most of us have to deal with rain, snow, ice and whatever else Mother Nature throws our way.

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How to Clean a Toilet in Your Business Restroom

Portland worker cleaning commercial restroom and toiletOffice restrooms with a clean and shiny presentation are coveted by guests and regular users—especially when the toilets and urinals are in good shape and don’t appear to have a lot of use. You may be surprised to know that restrooms located in an office are very frequently used, however, it is the method and frequency in which it is cleaned that can have the lasting effect on the appearance that make it seem like it is never in use.

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Someone Call a Cleaning Crew, the Millennials are in the Building

Two millennials sitting on chairs listening to musicGeneration Y, also known as millennials, are entering the workforce at a rapid pace—especially for white collar positions. If you happen to work with a millennial or have hired one, have you noticed they are a little different than all of the other employees? Different as in they are willing to forego higher pay for flexible benefits, such as working from home or bringing pets into work. This is an over generalization, of course, but they also seem to be unorganized, scattered and sloppy, as if someone will come in and clean up after them.

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One Simple, Unique Way to Boost Employee Morale

Current human resource leaders are doing everything they can to keep employees engaged and to keep office morale at a high level. Most business leaders have probably heard all the regular tactics, such as office parties, recognition, rewards and flexible work schedules; however, our best guess is that most haven’t thought about the impact cleaning can have on morale.

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Is There an Art to Bathroom Cleaning?

Dirty bathroom and toilet in commercial officeMost people shouldn’t be surprised to know that there truly is not an art form in bathroom cleaning. Want to know a secret? The trick is in maintaining the restroom’s cleanliness on a regular basis. To clean it on a regular basis means that it is free of dirt, grime and trash almost always. Doing so will keep customers and employees satisfied with their environment. When people begin to notice and be disgusted with the restroom that you have to begin to worry.

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Seasonal [Deep] Cleaning

Maple trees turning orange and red colorYou have heard us beat the drum many times before: regular cleaning is the most effective way to keep a clean and hazard-free workplace. However, there are areas of the office or building that remain less than optimal, even though you can’t always see it, and it requires a special deep-clean in order to get this type of mess.

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Myles O’Donnell & Co. Installs Solar Panels at Milwaukie Location

Installation of solar panels on Myles O'Donnell & Co. roofDuring the week of July 22nd, Myles O’Donnell & Company undertook the install of 39 photo-voltaic (solar) panels onto the roof of the building located in Milwaukie, Oregon.

In the interest of the environment, as well as our sustainability, we are proud of our purchase.

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The Perfect Workplace

The perfect workplace is a very clean onePerfection is seemingly impossible in almost all cases. We live in a time where individuals, organizations and governments are attempting to create a Utopian world. Regardless of whether or not this is actually achievable, one thing is certain: creating the perception of “perfect” is very achievable, especially when talking about the cleanliness and organization of a workplace.

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How to Ask a Manager for Cleaning Help

Gym Instructors practicing yogaSome of us have had an opportunity to work for a small business that is running things a little lean. “Lean” as in management attempts to keep everything in house, such as bookkeeping, payroll, recruiting, cleaning, building repairs and marketing. The reality is that a typical small business has, on most occasions, limited resources in the form of time and money; so there is a fine balance between burning all available time on doing the things that are outside of the core competency of the business and paying for help to do these things.

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